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Two health scholars and a university hospitals provider complete a dissection together.

Recommenders & References

Recommenders, thank you for your invaluable role in shaping the futures of our applicants. Your guidance and insights play a pivotal role in helping us identify promising students who are eager to embark on their academic journey with us.

At University Hospitals Health Scholars Program, we understand the significance of your recommendations. Your firsthand knowledge of our applicants' abilities, character, and potential greatly informs our selection process. We appreciate your time and effort in providing thoughtful and candid assessments. Your input will assist us in making informed decisions and contribute to the success stories of the students we nurture.

Please review the instructions provided below to complete your recommendation.


  • Our applicants have been instructed to request one or two recommendations, depending on their program status. Within their application, students have been prompted to provide the email address of the individual they wish to request a recommendation from.

  • Upon receiving the email, you will find a link to access the Recommendation Survey along with a unique Survey Passcode. We kindly request that you click on the provided link and then proceed to copy and paste the assigned passcode into the designated field when prompted.

  • We kindly request your prompt attention to complete the recommendation survey on behalf of our applicants. The deadline for submission is no later than Friday, February 16th, at 11:59 PM.

*For additional guidance, please refer to the provided video.

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