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Welcome to the University Hospitals Health Scholars Program, proudly supported by UH through its Office of Community Impact, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (CEDI). Our mission is to empower underrepresented students in medicine through a six-year journey of growth and exploration. We celebrate their unique talents while preparing them for healthcare careers beyond high school.


With unwavering support from UH clinicians, practitioners, and partners, our Health Scholars gain valuable insights into healthcare fields. We provide guidance in college applications, offer career development opportunities, and nurture academic and professional success. Our ultimate goal is to see them thrive as healthcare professionals, making a positive impact on the Cleveland community where they grew up. The University Hospitals Health Scholars Program is their gateway to a fulfilling future in the ever-evolving world of healthcare.

Four Health Scholars in white coats in red polos were captured while participating in an etiquette class for the 2018 cohort.

Mission, Vision, & Values

The Health Scholars Program empowers students on their educational journey. We guide them through college applications, offer test prep, and provide exposure to diverse health professions. Our focus is on leadership, professionalism, and hands-on experiences, including museum visits, university and medical school tours, anatomy labs, and field trips. Students can earn college credit, engage in research, and build networks for successful healthcare careers.

Holistic Skills Exploration & Development

The Health Scholars Program offers a six-year internship that enhances students' talents and skills. We also emphasize vital life skills, fostering well-rounded individuals for success in both their professional and personal lives.

Two Health Scholars from the 2024 cohort clean up an urban garden in North Collinwood Ohio.

Diversity & Inclusion in Healthcare

The Health Scholars Program, supported by UH's Office of CEDI, empowers students from diverse backgrounds to explore healthcare fields. Our goal is to build a healthcare workforce that reflects the rich cultural fabric of Cleveland.

Experiential Learning Opporunities

Gain a comprehensive understanding of healthcare and medical professions through a variety of hands-on experiences, including:

  • Shadowing physicians

  • Engage in community health projects

  • Participate in program-hosted events.

  • Conduct experiments in labs.

  • College Preparation

  • Much More!

A group of health scholars learn about anatomy with a black mannequin.


The Health Scholars Program spans six continuous years, nurturing and enhancing students' innate talents, skills, and abilities, paving the way for them to embark on healthcare careers beyond their high school years. With each passing year, students will immerse themselves in a fresh curriculum and specialized programming that builds upon the knowledge and skills acquired in the preceding year(s). Upon completion of the program, students will attain certification as Ohio Nursing Board Certified Healthcare Providers, equipping them with the capability to seamlessly transition into the healthcare workforce right after high school.


Students have the opportunity to opt into one of six pathways, based on their grade-level. With each year in the program, students will build upon their skills in preparation for the coming program years.

Two health scholars and a provider from university hospitals completing a dissection lab together.


Students partake in an immersive hospital experience at University Hospitals. During our four-week summer program, students undergo a variety of activities programming geared towards supporting their success.



An image of the Program Manager, Brittany N. Stone


University Hospitals | Program Manager


P: 216-286-2334

An image of the co-coordinator, Saja Abid.


University Hospitals | Program Co-Coordinator


P: 216-286-2334

University Hospitals supports the Health Scholars Program through the Office of Community Impact, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion. 

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