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Welcome to Programs & Pathways, your gateway to healthcare education opportunities. Our carefully designed programs empower high school students with knowledge, skills, and certifications for a fulfilling healthcare career. Explore our pathways tailored to your grade level and active participation.


Each year, scholars embark on a journey preparing them for the next stage. Starting with foundational learning, students gain insights into body systems and healthcare fundamentals. Progressing, they cultivate skills, participate in an observership (Year 4), and enter the certification track (Year 5). Year 6 concludes with immersive experiential rotations

Curriculum & Programming


Gain valuable healthcare certifications that boost your resume and set you on the path to a successful career in medicine with our comprehensive program.

Students under the guidance of an instructor, learn basics of palpating the abdomen.

College Prep

Prepare for your future in healthcare by receiving personalized guidance and support to excel in college applications and admissions.

Black teacher assists black students on computer while in class setting.
Two health scholars and a university hospitals provider complete a dissection together.

Lab Experiences 

Explore the fascinating world of healthcare through hands-on lab experiences, where you'll learn essential skills and gain real-world knowledge

Medical professionals standing and observing an digital anatomy image.


Get an insider's view of healthcare by shadowing professionals in their daily routines, providing you with unique insights and networking opportunities.


Learn the essential qualities of a healthcare professional, including empathy, communication, and ethics, to excel in your future career

Three black women smiling in University Hospitals atrium.

Much More!

Our program offers a range of benefits, from mentorship opportunities to community involvement, ensuring you're fully prepared for a successful healthcare journey.

Group of students walking into a set of open double doors.
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