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Health Screening Mandate

At University Hospitals, the safety of our students and visitors is paramount. To ensure a secure environment during shadowing rotations for high school applicants, we require a comprehensive health screening, including immunizations and necessary tests or vaccinations. This process safeguards the well-being of participants and those they interact with, aligning with our commitment to a safe and valuable healthcare learning experience.

Scholars entering into our rising sophomores (10th grade) or older are eligible to undergo shadowing rotations which mandate a complete health screening conducted by a healthcare provider. 

Need Help Locating a Provider?

Cleveland Department of Public Health

Childhood Immunizations Clinic:

  • Thursdays: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

TB Testing:

  • TB testing is available in our Reproductive Health Clinic every day except Thursdays during normal operating hours (except not the 3rd Wednesday afternoon of each month). The fee is $5.00. Please bring the correct change. A picture ID is required. The clinic is located on the second floor, Room 219 (J. Glen Smith).

Phone: (216) 664-2704

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