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Lab Experiences

Take a Hands-on Approach to Exploring the World of Healthcare

Chemistry Class

At University Hospitals, we believe that learning by doing is the key to a successful healthcare education. Our immersive lab experiences are designed to provide high school students with hands-on training in various medical fields, giving you the opportunity to explore, experiment, and excel.

What Sets Our Lab Experiences Apart?

  • Department-Based Simulation Labs: Step into the shoes of healthcare professionals with our department-based simulation labs. From OB/GYN to Dental or Nursing Education to the Emergency Department, these realistic simulations provide you with a glimpse into the fast-paced world of healthcare.

  • Pharmacological Labs: Understand the intricacies of medications and their impact on patient care. Our pharmacological labs allow you to explore the science of drugs and their role in healthcare.

  • Cadaver Labs: Gain a deep understanding of human anatomy through cadaver labs. Work with real human specimens to learn about the body's intricacies and how they relate to medical practice.

  • Dissection Labs: Get hands-on experience in dissection labs, where you'll dissect and examine various specimens to understand anatomy and pathology.

  • Education on Research Methods: Learn the fundamentals of research methods in healthcare. Discover how research contributes to medical advancements and patient care.

  • Infectious Disease Control: Explore the critical topic of infectious disease control. Understand the protocols and practices that protect patients, healthcare workers, and the community.

  • And Much More: Our commitment to practical education extends far and wide. Explore a wide array of additional lab experiences that will broaden your knowledge and skills in the healthcare field.

Experience Healthcare Like Never Before

Our lab experiences offer a unique opportunity to bridge the gap between theory and practice. You'll work with state-of-the-art equipment, engage in interactive simulations, and collaborate with experienced instructors who are passionate about your growth. These experiences not only deepen your understanding of healthcare but also prepare you for the challenges and rewards of a career in medicine.

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the world of healthcare through hands-on lab experiences? Join us on this exciting journey and gain the skills and knowledge you need to make a real difference in the lives of patients and communities.

Ready to get started? Your future in healthcare begins here, where learning is a hands-on adventure. Apply Today!

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