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Supporting Our Health Scholars

Two black young males talking to each other.
Four health scholars in white coats and red polos enjoying an etiquette course.

How Can You Help?

We provide support to our Health Scholars through two primary avenues: Summer Programming and Annual Touchpoints. Our comprehensive curriculum spans four weeks, running daily from mid-June to mid-July. During this period, we collaborate with healthcare professionals to offer shadowing opportunities, practical experiences for our Junior Community Health Workers, and guest speaker engagements.

In our Summer Program, we require support in three key areas: Clinical Shadowing, Guest Speakers, and Simulation/Skill Set Labs.

Throughout the academic year, our Annual Touchpoints encompass a wide range of skill-building activities, including College Essay Writing, College Tours, Community-Based Projects, Guest Speakers, Professional Panels, Grant Writing, Leadership Skills (such as Mock Interviewing and Public Speaking), Professional Training (including Resume Building, SAT and ACT Test Preparation), and Social and Emotional Learning (SEL).

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